What is Time Management in Project Management?

Before tackling the different easy ways to save time for your project, let’s define what is time management?

Time management is the time and progress management of project tasks and activities.

It is about leveraging the amount of time allocated to a project intelligently to meet the scheduled project end date.

Efficient time management within construction projects is the way you allocate your resources to finish tasks on time while staying within your budget.

We will discover in this article various ways to save time for your project using the construction project management tool Averroes Software.

Why is Time Management Important in Project Management?

Bad time management can and probably will cause the failure of a project. The management of time is key to the successful completion of a project.

Wise time management helps you increase your productivity and effectiveness.

How To succeed in Project Time Management?

According to the PMBOK There are some time management processes that ensure adherence to schedule. Project management planning is important to project management the same way that time management is essential in the success of projects:

  • Define activities.
  • Sequence activities.
  • Estimate resources.
  • Estimate activity durations.
  • Develop project schedule.
  • Control the project schedule.

What are the Easy Ways to Save Time via Averroes Construction Management Tool

1.      Use Averroes BIM viewer to display 3D models and drawings

No more time wasted in installing big BIM software to interact or discuss with your coworkers or clients. Project managers could use Averroes integrated BIM viewer to manage and visualize over 60 types of supported 3D models from desktop or mobile. It is possible to explode models, measure distances, zoom in specific parts…etc.

2.      Approve minutes of meeting instantly with Averroes meeting module

Optimize your time and avoid going through a long process of MOMs (minutes of meetings) approval. Through Averroes built in meeting module, you can write MOM while the project meeting is ongoing. It is displayed to all the participants to see, follow and approve what is written. You may, at the end of the meeting read the complete minutes and get instant approval. The MOM is saved automatically in the meeting folder.

3.      Respond vocally on pending RFIs to unblock progress

Respond to RFIs (Request for Information) on the go using Averroes mobile. Whether you are in your office or outside you may handle information requests easily. Averroes provides a time-saving feature allowing project managers to respond vocally to RFIs. All vocal comments are securely stored and attached to the related RFI.

4.      Increase Efficiency by uploading deliverables list and numbering automatically

Document registers usually take considerable time to be prepared. Huge number of deliverables are planned to be sent to the client. With Averroes Software, DCs (document controllers) may simply upload the planning including deliverables list along with their numbering. It is possible to upload automatically Primavera, Excel or MS project files. This way, the document register’s placeholders will be ready within minutes including all deliverables with the numbering pattern of company and client as well (if needed).

5.      Spend less time preparing transmittals

Formatting and filling transmittal forms is tedious. Save your time by instantly generate and send project transmittals via Averroes Software. At the beginning of the project, prepare your company transmittal template and Averroes will do the rest.

6.      Save time managing and organizing projects documents via Averroes File Manager

While the project is ongoing, clients may request all deliverables of a specific department (that were already sent separately) to be transmitted together and immediately in native and generated version. Using Averroes, you have just to go to the file manager and browse deliverables by department and document type. Select the requested ones and download a zipped file at a click of a button.

7.      Reduce Time Managing Tasks via Averroes Kanban Board

To inform your project manager or coworkers about the document or task status you don’t need much time or effort. Thanks to Averroes Software Kanban board, it is easy to alter document status. Drag and drop your document or task card according to its actual status and the project team will be notified automatically.

8.      Don’t Waste your Time Gathering Project Data for Reports

Generating project reports is not a piece of cake. All data should be gathered accurately, organized and analyzed. Reduce time and errors risk using Averroes management tool (Apeiron Technologies product). You may generate easily and quickly Cost reports, Timesheets, Burnout or Velocity charts…etc. or have a look at your dashboard where you can find useful projects insights.

9.      Finish your Project on Time Using an Agile Friendly Management Tool

Integrating Agile management methodology in a project management software would be in itself a time-saving factor. That’s why Averroes Software team have opted for an agile construction project management.

Iterations, boards, involving customer in the project development and receiving continuous feedback or breaking down a large project into more manageable tasks are all agile techniques that result in saving time and money for you and your clients.

If you want to dive deep into our construction project management tool Averroes Software, subscribe for free and give it a try, or choose the plan that best fits your business!